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Best Female Singer 2018

"Isan Soul Arom" Album

29th Season Award//

Best Female Singer 2016 

Best Album "Isan Soul Ep"
Best song "Maya"

13th Kom Chad Luek Awards //

Best Female Singer 2022

"Thong - Lor Cowboy" Album

32nd Season Awards


"Whenever Rasmee Wayrana has a microphone in hand, she always unleashes a power that mesmerises the crowd. [...] It is hypnotic, a kind of sophisticated world music vibe -- a mix of wailing Isan and Nina Simone."
                                             Bangkok Post

"Dans un pays où les stars potentielles sont sélectionnées sur des critères précis - physique, background familial… [...] Rasmee contraste avec sa voix plaintive et lancinante, qui par moments émeut et perce le cœur comme une pointe de couteau, et son style terre à terre."

                                Arnoud Dubus (Libération)

Rasmee is a singer and songwriter from the North East of Thailand (Isan). She began singing at the age of 5 with her father, the founder of a Jariang band (Khmer folk singing). At the age of 13, she joined a local band in her region. Her music is a unique blend of traditional Mor lam-Jariang cultures with western and African music. She calls her singing style “Isan Soul”. 

She has collaborated with various foreign musicians (Poni Hoax (France), Limousine (France), Bamako Express (Israel-Thailand), etc.) and has been invited to Europe to play music. 


At the end of 2014, she started working with guitarist Satukan Thyatira. As a result of that collaboration, in 2015, she released her first album "Isan Soul EP". In March 2016, Rasmee got 3 national "Kom Chad Luek" awards as best female singer of the year, best album "Isan Soul" and best song "Maya".

In December 2017, Rasmee released her second album - "Arom". In April 2018, the song "Little Girls" was nominated for Best Recording of the Year and Rasmee Wayrana received the Best Female Artist of the Year award at Thai national "Season Awards".

In February 2019, she released the album "Roots", a side project with traditional Isan musician Nattapong Napong. 

In 2022,Rasmee released Thong-lor cowboy album received the Best Female Artist of the Year award at Thai national "Season Awards".

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